SC850 Totalizer Coin Mech

Totalizer Mechanisms

  • New and refurbished available
  • Call for options and details
6 Quarter Coin Stacker

Stacker Mechanism

  • New and refurbished available
  • Call for options and details
ECM-98 Electronic Coin Mech

Electronic Mechanism ECM-98T

  • No wand required
  • Fully interchangeable with Mechanical Totalizer
  • Rack opens with single service token. Key to open door is also an available option
  • Daily/Sunday change over with ease
  • Enlarged escrow compartment
  • Accepts New Golden Dollar coin, Susan B. Anthony dollar, quarters, nickels, and dimes
  • Price increases/changes made directly at rack locations in seconds
  • Item # 6905

Service Tokens

Standard service token
  • Quarter-size slugs
  • Use with Totalizer Mechs
  • Item # 7951
Electronic service token
  • Dime-size slugs
  • Use with Electronic Coin Mechanism
  • Item # 6906
Banana Clip

Keyless Entry "Banana Clip"

  • Use for easy access to restock coin-operated vending machines. Replaces coins, keys, and slugs
  • Not recommended for Totalizer and Electronic mechanisms
  • Item # 6426 Polycarbonate Banana Clip (less expensive alternative to Lexan)
  • Item # 6426-01 Lexan Banana Clip


These utensils are simply an aid for opening certain vending machines. The individuals using these items should be instructed to feel the proper mechanism-contoured channel. Forcing this tool could break or damage the mechanism for which Steel City Corp. will not be responsible.

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